Saturday, August 24, 2013


Nigeria has to Regain or Restore the positive physical and mental character of doing things, A positive or manner of carrying onself positively, Respectively and humble towards doing things Rather than been Arogant, hostile and untruthful.
Nigeria should engage the habit of building or shaping their lives or selves positively, this can not be done by individual alone but by the help of government and familys.
Familys should always build a solid foundation of discipline at home to enable their children make positive choice of choosing happiness, joy, humility, Respect, obedient for cleaner Nigeria society, Rather than choosing Arogant, hostility, pain and Negativity towards life.
Nigeria government should provide enabling environment where ordinary Nigerians can feel he/she has been touched positively by building efficient and effective organisations or institutions that will empowered citizens to be selve Reliance.
The hapiness of every Nation can be Measure to a large degree by the effectiveness of government communication with his citizens and how effective Result to that communication is achieved.

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