Saturday, September 28, 2013


In the history of Nigeria human society, Man has been adopting and changing his physical and social environment so as to suit or satisfy his needs, and this is achieved through work.
Work is a form of human behaviour and is the key for achieving continuity in human existance.
In Nigeria, people who mostly get the work get there through federal character policie.
Where employment and hiring to work are done not on merit, But rather on the tribe of the candidate.
For example, if you have a qualified professional and some one who knows nothing about the job, federal character specifies that this other person who knows nothing about the job should be given the position.
Millions of university and polytechnic students graduate yearly without hope of working, while those who knows someone that know someone at the head of affairs can easily forge certificate to get appointment.
For Nigeria to develop in all shere of affairs things should be sincerely done.
The right people should be place in the right position.
An organized computerize data capturing of information containing every Individual in Nigeria should be kept for future Reference.
By so doing forging of certificate will stop.
In true sense federal character create an inbalance in Recruitment process, thereby diminishing the involvement of educated, knowledgeable and skills individuals involvement in developing this great Nation.

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