Saturday, November 30, 2013


The body parts were found at
this location in the mountains
near the Czech border

Police in Dresden say they
have arrested a 55-year-old
police officer on suspicion of
murder after the body of
another man was found in the
Erz mountains in eastern
Investigators believe that the
two men met via an internet site
for cannibalism fetishists.
The suspect denies eating body
parts and says he killed the man
at his request.
The dead man lived in Hanover
and had been reported missing.
Police say that the victim was
killed and dismembered, and
that his body parts were buried
on a piece of land in the
mountainous region which
belonged to the alleged killer.
The arrested man, identified as
Detlef G, works for Saxony's
State Office of Criminal
Investigation in the forensics
German media report that he is
an expert in handwriting

Sources: BBC NEWS

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