Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Money worries and the
distractions of social media mean
people are having sex less
frequently, researchers say.
A survey of more than 15,000
Britons found those aged 16-44
were having sex fewer than five
times a month.
The figure compared with more
than six times a month on the
last two occasions when the
official National Survey of Sexual
Attitudes and Lifestyles was
carried out, in 1990-91 and
The study's authors say modern
life may be having an impact on
libidos, reports the BBC.
Dr Cath Mercer, from University
College London, said: "People are
worried about their jobs,
worried about money. They are
not in the mood for sex.
"But we also think modern
technologies are behind the
trend too. People have tablets
and smartphones and they are
taking them into the bedroom,
using Twitter and Facebook,
answering emails."
She also said the survey
suggested that couples aged 16
to 44 may be using online porn
as a substitute for sex.
Men polled in 2010 to 2012
reported having sex 4.9 times a
month and women 4.8. In both
previous surveys the averages
were over six for both sexes
both times.
The latest survey, which is
carried out every 10 years, also
asked older people about their
sex lives.
It found 42% of women and
60% of men aged 65 to 74 had
had sex in the past year.
Nonetheless, they were the age
groups having the least sex - 2.3
times a month for men and 1.4
for women.
Among men, the 25 to 34 age
group were having the most sex
- 5.4 times a month - and for
women it was the 16 to 24 age
group, 5.8 times.
The average woman aged under
44 said they had had 7.7
partners over their lifetime, while
for men it was 11.7.
The survey also asked
participants about whether they
had paid for sex in the past five
years. Hardly any women had,
but 3.6% of men admitted to it.
But the poll - the full details of
which have been reported in the
Lancet - also revealed the extent
to which people are forced to
have sex against their will.
One in 10 women and one in 70
men said they had experienced
However, fewer than half had
told anyone about it and even
fewer (13% of women and 8%
of men) had reported the crime
to the police.

Sources: dailytimes

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