Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Buhari Says he Would not Surrender on One Nigeria

By Emmanuel Aziken, Political

Former military head of state and
All Progressives Congress, APC
chieftain, General Muhammadu
Buhari has cautioned Nigerians
to be wary of those he claimed
are desperate to divide the
country along ethnic and
religious lines for their selfish

Affirming that Nigerians were
generally united by common
issues and challenges, Buhari in a
statement said he was on his
part determined not to surrender
to the manipulations of those he
claimed were mostly in the ruling

The statement posted on his
facebook page on Tuesday night
had as at press time yesterday
attracted 626 likes and 263
comments, mostly supportive
from friends. While supportive,
there were some, however,
which said support for his
comment did not mean backing
a presidential bid by the former
head of state.
Vowing not to surrender to
zealots, Buhari said:
"As Nigerians, we must work
together and support each other
because the challenges we face
are similar: rampant corruption,
incompetent leadership, and the
threat of insecurity."
"We therefore share common
goals, hopes and aspirations –
for a new Nigeria that is free,
secure and prosperous. As a
result, we also share a common
enemy; the predatory class of
vested interests who want to
sustain the status quo and
perpetuate their monumental

"It is for this reason that they
create an artificial North-South,
Christian-Muslim divide, chanting
jingoistic slogans with the hope
that we would goose-step in
formation, ready to tear each
other apart while they busy
themselves plundering our
commonwealth and betraying
our collective destiny."

"It is therefore left to us to
decide whether we will allow
them perfect this betrayal by
acting as mercenary-
collaborators in the destruction
of our country, or organize
collectively to rescue our
fatherland from their murderous

"Do not be deceived, dear
friends; there is only one Nigeria,
and one single struggle; which is
to reclaim the destiny of this
country and shape it to suit our
present realities and future
aspirations. And on this, there is
no quitting, no giving up and no
surrendering! Keep up the hope,
Nigeria shall be great again!"


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