Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How some devilish minded individual take Advantage of Hot Weather to rape at Night

Kaduna- for the past few weeks Now, the weather in kaduna and some other state of the federation is so hot such that people no longer close their windows and door anymore at Night because of the heat.

They open up their windows and doors at Night so that they can receive ventilation at Night in their rooms to enable them sleep.

But some evil poses minded persons took this as an advantage to go into peoples room at night to rape them.

An eyewitness who was there when it happen, told us that on Monday Morning around when he was about going for his regular Morning exercise, he saw a man standing naked trying to snick into his mothers room.

At first he was not realy focusing on the man, he was concentrating on his exercise activities so, when suddenly turn he saw a naked man and start shouting thief thief and the man ran away.

Be careful if you are use to opening your door at night before sleeping.

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