Friday, March 14, 2014

Nigeria Protests to South Africa over Cape Town beating

Nigeria protests to
South Africa over Cape
Town beating

Nigeria has protested to South
Africa about a "merciless
attack" by police on one of its
nationals in Cape Town, its
foreign ministry has said.

An amateur video on social
media sites purportedly shows
the man being stripped,
assaulted and handcuffed by
policemen and security guards.

Nigeria had sent a "strongly
worded" note to Pretoria,
demanding justice for the man,
the ministry said.
Two South African police officers
have been arrested.

Rights groups have often
accused South African police
officers of brutality,
incompetence and corruption.
"The Nigerian High Commission
will continue to monitor the case
with keen interest until justice is
achieved," the ministry said in a

South Africa's police watchdog,
the Independent Police
Directorate, has said the officers
would be charged with assault.
About 17,000 registered
Nigerians live in South Africa, but
correspondents say there are
many more illegal immigrants.

Last year, Mozambican national
Mido Macia died after being
dragged behind a moving police
patrol van in a town east of

Nine officers are standing trial
for his killing.

Reference: Vanguard

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