Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A World Class Hospital for Nigeria Underway

The Federal Government
through the Federal Ministry of
Health has signed a tripartite
agreement with America and
France to build American
Specialist Hospital for women
and children.
The American Hospital Abuja,
GE Healthcare (USA) and Edifice
Capital of France have
earmarked a$73 Million (N11
billion) to build the Hospital for
women and children.

Speaking at the event in Abuja
recently, the Minister of Health,
Prof, C. O. Onyebuchi said he
was particularly elated about
the agreement noting that the
MoU will go down in history
indicating that the Federal
Government is not paying lip
service to public Private
Partnership which is the
surest way to provide social
amenities to the populace.

In his welcome address, the
Director of America Hospital
Limited (AHL), Dr. Tunde Ayeni
said that the proposed
hospital will provide American
standard of high quality health
care and promote medical
tourism in Nigeria.
He explained that the hospital
will focus on traditional
curative approach to medicine,
preventive medicine prevalent
in Sub-Saharan Africa like
malaria, sickle cell disease and

The Chairman/CEO, General
Electric(GE) Global, Mr.Jeff
Immelt in his remark said that
attention will be given to
training of Nigerian doctors,
Residents and Medical
students and allied health
professionals who will return
to their communities to
practice American standard of
health care service.

The proposed project will be
implemented in four phases
but the initial focus will be on
phases 1 and 2. Patient's
referral base will however not
be limited to Nigeria but will
be inclusive of Sub-Saharan
Project 1 is American Specialist
Hospital for Women and
Children, Project 2 is American
Medical Diagnostic Imaging
&Medical Centre, Project 3 is
the American Specialist
Hospital(Centre of Excellence
for Internal Medicine,
Cardiology, cancer, Stroke,
Diabetes and
Hypertension) ,and Project 4 is
American University of Medical
Science (Aumedsc).

Reference: Ministry of health

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