Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lagos Bus Conductor Jumps into Atlantic Ocean after Stealing N40,000

By BellaNaija.
Seems like we have our very own
James Bond here in Nigeria!
Nurudeen Suleiman, a 26-year-
old bus conductor, reportedly
jumped into the Atlantic Ocean
while trying to escape after
stealing N40,000.

The incident allegedly occurred
Sunday at Bar Beach on Victoria
Island, when
Suleiman approached a man
named, Segun,and asked for
financial assistance,
Vanguard reports.
As Segun brought out some
money from his pocket to give
Suleiman, some additional naira
notes dropped on the floor.

Under the guise of helping Segun
pick up the fallen money,
Suleiman absconded with part of
it - N40,000. Upon realizing
what had happened, Segun
attempted to apprehend him, but
he jumped into the Atlantic

After trying to hide in the ocean
for about 3o minutes, Suleiman
eventually emerged, and was
apprehended by security men.
He is currently facing a charge
for stealing, and was brought
before Tinubu Magistrates' Court,
Lagos on Tuesday. He pleaded
not guilty, and was subsequently
granted bail of N20,000. The case
has been adjourned till April 23rd

Reference: BellaNaija

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