Thursday, April 10, 2014

Student Make Iron ManCostume Entirely fromCardboard

Do you Remember your childhood days,
when you use to
search for unuseful tin and
cardboard to make cars? Check
out this kid doing his things.

Kai-Xiang Xhong takes ordinary
cardboard boxes and turns
them into extraordinary pieces
of art. The 20-year-old's latest
work is a full sculpture of Tony
Stark's Iron Man suit, and you
would be hard-pressed to find
words that can do it justice.

Xhong is a student in Taiwan
and began turning sketches into
sculptures when he was in high
"I have since produced lots of
artwork with cardboard," Xhong
told the Stan Winston School of
Character Arts. "For example,
Optimus Prime from
TRANSFORMERS, skeletons of the
T-Rex and a Pterodactyl, an IRON
MAN suit, and so on. And the last
three of them were all made full-

The detail in the costume is
incredible. Xhong painstakingly
carved out nearly every notch
and indent in the "armor," along
with creating the hinges and
joints throughout the life-size
"For my cardboard IRON MAN
SUIT, I used pepakura
technique," he explained,
referencing a method that uses
buildable and foldable 3D
models. "But I did not add any
special color on the surface.

Keeping the cardboard color and
texture was deliberate. That's
my style."
It took the Taiwanese student
almost a year to complete the
project, as he worked on it only
in his free time. Xhong's art is
now receiving international
"Creating is the most important
part of my life," he said. "I hope I
can keep going in the future."

His newfound fanbase hopes for
the same thing, and cannot wait
to see what "out of the box"
idea he comes up with next.

Reference: Nig. Current Affairs
&Yahoo News

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