Monday, May 12, 2014

Building Nigeria Youth Ready for National Development

Alot have been said about how Nigeria can develope their youth to contribute positively to National building.
But the fact is that talking without action will Never yield positive result into developing this young talented youth to become what they want to become.

For instance, How does it benefit a country to talk about creating jobs for 100,000 thousand youth in a given year or trained 100,000 thousand youth to acquire skills to be employable or become enterpreneurs, and at the end of the day you trained only 100 in a country where the majority of the population are youths.

It is high time the govt truely invest in training ordinary Nigeria citizens to acquire skills.
The world Economic Forum just ended in Nigeria, and investors are expected to come invest in Nigeria.

Therefore Nigeria need professional certified youth to get employed.
Nigeria govt should provide avenue where graduate can acquire professional certification to build themselve to perform better when company come calling for professionals.

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