Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bomb blast rock Emab Plaza Abuja Hundreds feared death

Scores of people are feared dead as a massive bomb blast rips off Emab
Plaza, one of the biggest and most busy malls in Abuja.
The blast, which went off at 3:57 pm, triggered a big bang that set
the massive shopping mall on fire.
As at the
time of filing the report, human parts, shrapnel and blood were flying
about, as confused men and women, who managed to escape from the
building ran in different directions, calling for help.
"I can see human parts and some bodies scattered on the ground but we
are too scared to get closer for fear of another bomb," a reporter at
the scene said.
traders and visitors to the mall are still trapped in the burning
building," the reporter added.
Men of the Police Anti-bomb Squad were being expected to clear the
site before rescue operations could be carried out by emergency
Vangard News

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