Sunday, July 27, 2014

Culture and Background of Hausa Speaking People in Nigeria

The Hausa speaking people have a mode of life, which is peculiar to them as an entity. Perhaps it is right to point out the fact that the people are very mush tied to their culture wherever they are seen, their life pattern which is almost not easily dispensed with moves with them.

The typical Hausa dressing consists of a big gown, jumper and a cap for the men and a wrapper, a head tie and a shawl thrown over the shoulders for the women. This is particularly borne out of the ethics of the Muslim religion which preaches against any form of enclosure of the body by women.
In addition to this, the typical Hausa woman weaves her hair in the local Fashion with all the simplicities in attendance.

Islam is the dominant religion practiced by the Hausas. Consequently, Majority are Moslems although a very small percentage are Christians. Religion plays an important part in the life style of the Hausas. The nouns and principles of Islam influence the behavioral pattern of the people. This may be the reason why they are very much dedicated to their religion.

Basically, the husband (Maigida) is the head of the household. He controls and directs the affairs of the home.
The typical Hausa home is a polygamous one. This again is tied to one of the doctrines of the religion which allows the man to marry as many as four women so long as he can cater for them.
The extended family system is also a way of life of the people although this is also applicable to other ethnic groups.

The most prevalent type of house in habited by the people are mainly round huts with thatched roofs or flat tops as the case may be. This is to shield of the effect of the scorching sun, as the environment is a hot one.

The Hausa people are generally industrious and engage in a number of professions as evidences in our major towns and villages where they are found. These professions include farming, fishing, hunting, black Smiting, carpentry. Pottery, leather works, weaving and a host of others. They are also good horse riders.

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