Saturday, July 12, 2014

Facts About Call Centers and BPO Industry in Nigeria

BPO industry is among the largest recruiters of young talents
internationally.Ever since BPO has gone beyond Call Centres and
included Non voice Services as well, not only the employment potential
in the industry has further expanded manifold, but the quality of jobs
and careers has improved vastly and become attractive for ambitious,
serious individuals.

Recession has hit jobs badly across most industries, only BPO and
Contact center industry is actually capable of creating new job
opportunities .
The only way to standout in BPO industry is to acquire Skills and
international Certifications so that they can join the BPO industry in
a big way.

World class BPO Training and BPO Certifications can help tackle
unmployment wonderfully by making average people employable in BPO in
a short time.

To become a Certified BPO and Call Center Professional you need to
acquire the following Certifications:

* Certified Customer Care Professional(CCCP)
This course is designed for aspiring talents desirous of starting a
career in customer service in BPO Organizations and order contact
center organizations.

* Certified Financial Service Professional(CFSP)
This course is designed for fresh, young talents with a background in
Business, Finance, Commerce, Accounting and related field who wants to
make a career in F&A BPO.

* Cerfified Back Office Operations Professional(CBOP)
This course is designed for talents desirous of starting a career in
non voice transaction services BPO organizations.

* Certified Human Resource Executive(CHRE)
This course is designed for individuals desirous of building a
successful human Resources career in BPO organizations.

* Cerfified Business Development Executive(CBDE)
This course is designed for talents desirous of becoming a successful
sales professional in BPO Organizations.

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