Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Ministry of Communication Technology of Nigeria Plan to Create job through Microworks

Various studies done by the World Bank and the Government of Nigeria suggest that most new jobs in Nigeria will get created at the intersection of technology, ICTs and services. The evidence shows that the ICT economy is creating jobs in developing countries, in technical as well as applied sectors such as banking, finance, governance, tourism.

The Ministry of Communication Technology are making plans to train young Nigerians to be gainfully employed through Microworks like Elance, Mobileworks, Crowdflower, Odesk and Samasource. So far there have been an increase in subscription to these platforms Due to the trainning workshops done in 2013 in Abuja and Lagos.

The Ministry of Communication Technology is a Ministry created by the administration of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to foster a knowledge based economy and information society in Nigeria will soon Start 2014 training Nationwide.

The primary objective of the project is:
• Create awareness about the work opportunities in the Microwork and ELancing space
• Create job opportunities for the youth in Nigeria and reduce unemployment • Reduce the country's brain drain
• Create business opportunities for potential Nigerian Microwork and ELancing Companies
• Wealth creation opportunities for the young
• Showcase opportunities for Nigerian Businesses to work more efficiently and have a broader Nigerian workers database

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