Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Sun Faces Backlash for Accusing Four-Year-Old of Being Associated With the Devil

The Sun newspaper faces a furious backlash from Twitter users,
including one MP, on Tuesday after publishing a front page story
accusing a young British boy of being associated with the devil.

Critics say the newspaper is "going on a witch hunt" and are demanding
that the story, "BOY, 4, HAS MARK OF DEVIL", is pulled from the
website and an apology issued.
In the story, the "shocked" mother of Samuel Jones reveals her horror
that her young child has "been cursed" by an "evil spirit".

The article begins: "A sinister Satan sign that mysteriously appears
on a four-year-old boy is proving a devil to explain."
"Just looking at it made me shake thinking something unnatural had
visited my boy", says the mother, Sharon Jones, who has been
photographed alongside her young son for the paper, which has the
biggest readership of any daily paper in the UK.
"Something or someone made the sign on him but we just can't explain
how", Sharon goes on to tell The Sun journalist.

She shared the image of the mark on her son's chest on Facebook before
turning to the national newspaper, which has around 2 million daily
readers, for answers. The family say they are "desperate for the
truth" and "confused and frightened" by the appearance of the mark.
Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston spoke out on Twitter against the
article, branding it "damaging".

She wrote: "@TheSunNewspaper should pull their damaging front page
story with photo of a child. He does not carry 'mark of devil' he is a
real child!"
Others have speculated the mark could simply be the result of a
hairdryer burn, posting photos of hairdryers with remarkably similar
designs to the mark seen on the boy's body.
Twitter users also blasted the parents of the boy, who "need to take a
good look at themselves", according to one user.
Another, @Angledweb, tweeted: "The Sun is literally demonising a child
on its front page.

Surely that's abuse."
Twitter user @Ksnmiyagi called upon the UK's Press Complaints
Commission to investigate the story, saying: "@UKPCC Today's front
page in The Sun is reprehensible. The editor has condemned this child
to bulling and harassment.

Source: https://uk.m.yahoo.com/w/legobpengine/frontpage/uk.news/sun-faces-backlash-accusing-four-old-being-associated-114219516.html?.b=%2Findex&.intl=gb&.lang=en-gb

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