Thursday, July 24, 2014

What you Should Know about Corps Member Welfare Provisions in Camp

Accommodation has been arranged for every corps member and you will be checked into your room as soon as your registration exercise is completed. It is expected that you are here with your beddings as indicated on the back of your call-up letter and in case not, make arrangements to buy to your taste.

Each corps member is entitled to a bed space and a mattress which will be allocated on first come first serve basis. No corps members is allowed to move the bed from one space to another or from one room to another. It is the sole responsibility of the corps members to keep the rooms and the adjourning convenience clean.

You are advised to desist from the use of news papers in the toilets to avoid blockage. Hawkers and photographers can pose security risk, do not invite them to your hall of residence. You are also entreated to cooperate with the camp authorities in making a prudent use of the facilities provided.

Any corps member who handles or damages any camp property carelessly will be surcharged.

All corps members and officials will be centrally fed.

Every corps member would be issued a meal ticket. This ticket permits you to have your meal at the kitchen.

A Camp clinic which will be manned by all the corps doctors, pharmacists and nurses is already established in the camp.

There will be lectures to be delivered by important personalities and some NYSC Officials. These lectures are more informative than academic.

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