Wednesday, August 6, 2014

10 Things To Do If You Don't Want To Catch The Ebola Virus

The first case of the virus has
been confirmed in Nigeria and
adequate information is
necessary to combat the
Reports released today have
indicated that the doctor who
treated Ebola patient, Patrick
Sawyer has been infected with
the disease as well.

It is necessary for the citizenry
to have adequate information
so that the spread of this
disease can be curbed.

Here are 10 basic tips to help
educate you on how to protect
yourself from the deadly Ebola

1, Wash your hands regularly,
both front and back up to your

2, Use a hand sanitizer with at
least 60% alcohol as often as
possible when water is not

3, Do NOT eat any kind of wild
game or bush meat, most
especially bats, monkeys,
gorillas, forest antelope and

4, Watch where you eat and
don't eat meat unless you're
sure of the source

5, Whatever animal products
you consume should be cooked

6, Avoid sharing clothes with

7, Watch out for symptoms of
Ebola around your

8, Avoid areas where an
outbreak has been reported

9, Report any unauthorized
movement of corpses in your
area especially those brought in
from abroad

10, Don't touch or go near
anyone who has been
confirmed to have Ebola and if
you absolutely must, then wear
protective gear.

Arm yourself with adequate
information about Ebola and
avoid spreading rumours that
will cause fear and panic.

Information is key and
knowledge is power. Protect

Reference: Pulse ng.

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