Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Quick tips how to increase your earnings from MoboFree affiliate program

Only a few weeks have passed
from the launch, but more than
3000 webmasters in Nigeria are
already using MoboFree Affiliate
program and they've already
earned over 2 MILLION NGN (~13000 USD).

1. Quick tips how to increase
your earnings from MoboFree
affiliate program:
a) Place MoboFree banners and
ads in the most visible place of
your site - for example at the top
of the main page. We strongly
recommend to display our ads in
more than one position and to
use different banners.

b) Change banners to new ones
every week. You can Register by clicking here:

c) If you own a social network
page (Facebook/Twitter, etc.) -
you can post your affiliate link in
your network and attract
commissions quickly!
But be sure
not to spam pages that you do
not own - it would be serious
violation of our policy and can
cause the suspension of your

d) Change the position of your
banners. Try placing the banner
at the top or on the side and
monitor the results.

e) Write an article about
MoboFree and use your affiliate
links in it. Some people do not
tend to click on ads, but you can
catch their attention by a nice
article introducing the value of

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