Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Certain Attributes that will enhance your personal effectiveness at work.

Working very hard to make your boss Succeed in business is your
topmost priority, Identify your first customer and treat them customer

This number one Customers are your employer and your altimate goal in
that organisation is to please him and satisfy him.

Your job security is not your qualification it is your right attitude
toward attaining objectives.
*Do more work than you are paid.
*Dont join them to criticise your boss or your organisation.
*Bring your own idea, Innovation that will move the organisation forward.
* Make your employer successful than you met him i.e work very hard.
* Ask your boss what are his objective through the year and contribute
toward the attainment of the objective.

Discover what is most important to your boss. i.e
* Pay attention to what your boss likes
* The way you dress also matters, dress coorperate and smart.
*Resume early to work.
* All things your boss want done should be taken care of. He will
appreciate it and commend you for job done.
* Find out what your boss is always complaining about and then try to
correct them.

Loyalty is not a sign of wickness but a weapon for Success.
* Be a loyal person
* Dont be a proud person
* Dont be arogan
* Be Someone that your supervisor or boss is please with.
* Be in control of your mind in other not to offend your boss

Pay close attaintion to your boss perception about you i.e
* what is his openion about you, whether he sees you as a person who
always work toward attaining growth of the organisation.
If your boss perceive all these about you, you will be the one that he
will uplift.
* you must work hard.
* It is your responsibility to guard, protect and enhance the
perception of your boss.

Be a problem Solver dont be an analyser of problem, job is not about
your duration but your donation. A boss will always promote an
employee who solve problem rather than create problem, you must be
ready to consult other experience colleaque on isue you find difficult
to solve.

Be committed to excellence, take your time to find solution to
problems and dont be rush to prove solution in other to achieve
effective answer.
Make your packaging and presentation unique and presentable.

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