Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Reasons Why Single Parent Must Cooperate

As a parent whether you are separated, Maried, remaried or single
parent your Relatioship as a father to the mother of your Children is
important to your children.

You myth no longer be in a normal loving relationship with that
person, but you can do what you can to communicate respect,
appreciate, cooperate and support..

Research on young children and adolescents consistently shows that
relationships between fathers and children are more Sensitive to
parents marital quality than are relationship between mothers and

Research also shows that in the presence of Serious marital conflict,
fathers tend to withdraw from their children and from cooperating.
Whereas mothers do not show the same level of withdrawal.

It is the responsibility of both parent to guid love their kids so
they can become Successful in life.
In our society today parent are carried away by their daily activities
forgeting that there is every need for them to create that condulsive
atmosphere for their kids to learn through them at home and become
better people in the society.

Education start at home, so therefore parent have a vital role to play
in the process of children learning at home.
Children are not surpose to be kept to take care of their self, they
need guidiance and direction. Train a child in the way of the lord and
they will grow up with the right attitude that will make them better

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