Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tayo the Nigerian BBA Contestant is now a father!’

Tayo was the recipient of some superb news.he became the lucky father
of a baby boy.
Big Brother was the bearer of good tides as Tayo and fellow housemates
came out of their gruelling dance training.
Tayo was called into the Diary room in what seemed like one of Biggies
twists and turns. It was certainly his pleasure to give Tayo the news
of the birth of his new born son. While he may have expected the news,
having told housemates that he and his partner on the outside had a
bun in the oven that was nearly ripe, the reality of it moved him to

Biggie treated the elated new father to a box of cigars and cognac to
celebrate with the housemates. With tears of joy tumbling down his
face he thanked Biggie for the news and walked out of Diary Room
chanting "I am a father. I am a father."
He yelled to his fellow country mate Lilian with whom he had formed a
close bond and told her the news which then spread to the others. They
all embraced him and toasted him on the news of his heir.

A pity that with the good came the bad when he learnt, only moments
later, that he had been put up for nomination

Soure: BBAfrica

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