Saturday, November 22, 2014

Federal Public Service Institute of Nigeria Massive Recruitment (Over 65 Positions).

Public Service Institute of Nigeria,a Federal Government owned Institute set up to ensure adequate training of workers in the Oil and Gas Sector seeks to recruit self driven, experienced, motivated and credible individuals to fill the under-listed positions:

1.) Lecturer Officer II C

2.) Lecturer Officer II B

3.) Lecturer Officer II A

4.) Lecturer Officer I

5.) Rig Mechanic

6.) Rig Electrician

7.) Technicians

8.) Technologists

9.) Mining Engineering Lecturers Officer II

10.) Petroleum Engineering Lecturer Officer II

11.) Machinist

12.) Diving Technician

13.) Diving Instructor

14.) Lecturer Officer II (Welding Engineering and Offshore Technology)

15.) Lecturer Analytical Chemistry Officer I (Industrial Safety and
Environmental Technology)

16.) Architect Senior Officer (Directorate of Services)

17.) Officer I Civil Engineer (Directorate of Services)

18.) Lecturer Officer II D

19.) Lecturer Officer II C

20.) Lecturer Officer II B

21.) Technologist II

22.) Safety Lecturer Officer II (Industrial Safety and Environmental Technology)

23.) NDT Trainer/Facilitator

24.) Officer 1 Electrical Engineer (Directorate of Services)

25.) Electrical Technologist (Directorate of Services)

26.) Electrical Technician (Directorate of Services)

27.) Environmental Science Lecturer Officer II (Industrial Safety and
Environmental Technology)

28.) Admin Officer (NDT)

29.) Fire Fighting Technician (Directorate of Services)

30.) Technologist (General Studies)

31.) Technologist II (Electrical/Electronic Engineering)

32.) Civil Engineer/Lecturer Officer II (Industrial Safety and
Environmental Technology)

33.) Carpentry Technician (Directorate of Services)

34.) Officer II C (Electrical/Electronic Engineering)

35.) Lecturer Officer II C (General Studies)

36.) Plumbing Technician (Directorate of Services)

37.) Officer II B (Electrical/Electronic Engineering)

38.) Masonry (Directorate of Services)

39.) Plant Operator Mechanical (Directorate of Services)

40.) Officer II A (Electrical/Electronic Engineering)

41.) Administrative Officers (Registry)

42.) Lecturer Officer II B (Mechanical Engineering)

43.) Secretary (Registry)

44.) Nurse (Occupational Health and Safety)

45.) Lecturer Officer II A (Mechanical Engineering)

46.) Pharmacist (Occupational Health and Safety)

47.) Lecturer Officer II (Mechanical Engineering)

48.) Officer II (Library)

49.) Computer Technologist (Library)

50.) Technician I (Petroleum and Natural Gas Processing)

51.) Printing Technologist (Consult Press)

52.) Lithographer (Consult Press)

53.) Graphic Designer (Consult Press)

54.) Printing Technician (Consult Press)

55.) Project Management Officer (Consult)

56.) Catering Officer (Consult)

57.) Laboratory Technician (Consult)

58.) Accounts Officer II

59.) Lecturer Officer II B (General Studies)

60.) ICT System Technologist/Administrator (Consult)

61.) Officer I (Electrical/Electronic Engineering)

62.) Science Laboratory Technologist

63.) Lecturer Officer II A (General Studies)

64.) Laboratory Technician

65.) Technician

66.) Lecturer Officer II A
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Application Closing Date: 30th November, 2014

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