Friday, January 9, 2015

How to avoid post Elections Violence in 2015 Elections in Nigeria

The success of any election is determined largely by the credibility of the Register of voters used and the professional ethic for Election Stakeholders.

Who are the Elections Stakeholders
the involve the following personnel:
*Registration Officials
*Political Party Agents
*Security Agents
*Accredited Observers
*Prospective Registrants

As an election stakeholders, you are playing an important role in the electoral process the manner in which you discharge your duties will affect the confidence of the citizens in the electoral process and the electoral authority (INEC).
The key responsibility of electoral officials is to be polite and helpful at all times. Treat all persons, equally and with respect.
Avoid any electoral manipulation that will hinder elections to be free and fair, all your actions must be characterised by the standard listed bellow:-
*Gender sensitivity
*Support to the aged and people with disability

As an electorate you must understand that election is not a do or die affairs. It is your responsibility to vote into the government the best candidate of your choice that can make a change or difference.

As an electorate you must not allow your self to be use as a catalyse for election destruction by politician due to the following Reasons:

1. Nigeria is the only country you have, if in any circumstances post elections crisis occur you have no any other country to run too. elections crisis is bad to the development of any nation growth

3.engaging in post election violent will not help you in any ways rather create poverty and lawliness, making daily activities poor

So therefore my fellow Nigerians Vote wisely, stay peaceful let who wins take the day, avoid violence.

Forward Nigeria backward never.


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