Wednesday, July 15, 2015

How to Build An App Using FB fan Page to Generate Massive Traffic to your blog

Traffic Generation is a great concern to bloggers this days as more and more New blogs are been created so also the Question of how to generate traffic Comes up.

Alot have been said about traffic generation, different strategies have been use to direct people to visit blogs.

Every day New Research is been done by bloggers on the best and latest ways to get people visit their blogs.

As a blogger, you have to be carefull the kind of strategies you use in directing visitors to your blogs, using unclean ways might affect the performance of your blog on site performance Ranking, google might even band you from using adsence on your site.

Converting your blog into an app can help generate Massive traffic to your blog. You can use this simple ways to convert your blog to Android app. You dont need any experience to do that.

Follow this Simple Steps:
  • Create a Facebook fan page for your blog.
  • Search for free online app developing site that offers free access for app creation with facebook page.
  • Signup or create an account with the site to get access to convert your blog facebook fan page into an Android app.
  • After creating your account login and Start Building your app.

Here are Some Free App building site you may consider using to build your free apps:
  • TheAppBuilder
  • BiznessApps
  • Good Barber
  • App Machine
  • Como

After building your apps you can share it on app Store or google app Store for download.

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