Thursday, August 6, 2015

One Word that Denied me my First Job offer in an interview(Learn from this)

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By Ambrozill
It was one faithful morning after my regular job search on the internet job Search portal, i came across a job advert it was about a 5 star hotel recruitment, i read the requirement with interest.

All the requirement fit my Qualification so, i decided to apply for the job as a store Manager.
Three days later i was invited for an interview, i was excited to attend my first job interview with high hope of landing the job.

I did all i could practising, Reseaching about the company Mission and Vision.
The first stage of the interview was a written test and thank God i pass the first stage and was shortlisted for the second stage of the interview.

I felt so happy that faithful day when i got a congratulatory massage for the next stage of the interview after three days.

On the final day of the interview, about 100 people were invited, although there were some gate crashing people waiting for slight opportunity to grab.
The interview was going on well but this one word "yea" i used instead of yes denied me my first job.

I was told to go home that they will get back to me, at that moment i knew that was the end, i felt so disappointed dragged my feet like someone that was hit by a truck.

My advice to job seekers is that they should always use the right words during interview to avoid this kind of situations

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