Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Positive and Negative things you should know about Rainy Season.

I love this time of the year (Rainy Season) although some people opinion may defer. each season has its own unique Characteristics.

The Positive thing about the Rainy Season is that:
  • When the Season is wet the air quality improves,
  • Fresh water quality improve
  • Vegetation grow leading people to farm and make money from their farm yield late in the Season.

The Negative things about Rainy Season is that:
  • When it rain heavily it causes floods and floods cause Rivers to overflow their banks, and some dangerous animals will look for a save ground or retreat to higher lands for survival, this may lead the animals to attack humans.
  • where rainy season coincides with high temperatures, mosquito increases and causes malaria fever
  • The soil Nutrients diminish and erosion increase

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