Sunday, September 6, 2015

One critical Decision that got Me promoted to a Manager(must Read)

By peter Moses

My Story is quite amazing how in less than one year i got promoted to a manager Position.

Last year a friend of my, introduced me to a Manufacturing company and i applied for a sales Rep. position. After spending 3years working parttime in (3)three different company as a sales Rep. i never stop searching and applying for better job opportunities untill early last year
i got a Permanent job in a manufacturing Company as a sales Rep.

I served the Company with Passion, Solving problems that needed my Solutions, i gave values to all my activities in the Company by working harder in achieving goals and objectives of the Company but never knew i was been monitor closely by the Company Superior Staffs untill early this year the month of March precisely i recieved a Call to Report to the MD office.

As soon as i report to the MD office, he told me strenght ahead that he needed me to perform one simple task and if welldone i will be promoted to Manager from my sales Rep position,

However, i never knew i was been put to test by the superior officials to see how reliable i am to be trusted with Manager position. They told me to deliver a product to one of the Company major Customer and deposit half the transaction amount to the Company acount and the other half to a private account not associated to the Company mode of payment in anyway.

I was Shocked at first because what i was told to do is not right, it's illegal, when they saw the nagative reaction on my face they now told me to think about it and return the next day with my answer that the only way i can get promoted is to accept and do the job. So, i agree to think over it.

When i return the next day i told them i cant do the job because i cant participate in an illegal transaction to defraud the Company i work for. So, one of the superior held my hand and said congratulation you have pass the test by not accepting to do the job for that you have been promoted to Sales Manager position.

They told me that out of the 10 people the tested i was the only person that pass the test.

My advice to employee out there is to serve companies they work for free and fair with clean mind and surely they shall be rewarded.

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