Saturday, February 13, 2016

Unbelievable! Job Seeker Who Yelled at Country's President for Help Gets Juicy Job (Photo)

An unemployed university graduate has surprised himself by earning a juicy job just after yelling at the top of his voice while his president walked by.

Philemon Agwanda Nyagaya

An unemployed man has finally found help in a most unconventional manner after he gathered courage to yell his president's name when he visited during a Kisumu tour over the weekend in Kenya. The act alone has earned him a juicy job in Public Service.

Philemon Agwanda Nyagaya walked past the President's security detail after he was denied access to him on Sunday and yelled Uhuru Kenyatta's name which attracted the attention of the president. He was summoned and he explained his plight. The president asked him to drop his name and phone number.

Daily Nation reports that after returning to Nairobi, the President called Agwanda and asked him to forward him his credentials.
This was followed by calls from various government officials, including the National Youth Service (NYS) Director who asked him to come to Nairobi on Thursday.

According to The Star, the 28-year-old man graduated with a Degree in Community Development from St Paul's University over a year ago but has not been able to secure a job.

His couarage to cry out for help has earned him a dream job in public service after all the years of suffering.

Nyagaya recalls: "I am still perplexed that the President called me himself and asked for my credentials so I could get a job. I took a step of faith when I saw him as the only one who would solve my problem. I am glad he did.

"I was standing at one of the bumps on the busy highway. Many people had blocked the road to hear the President. It then dawned on me that he could help me find a job.

"I shouted Rais! Rais! Rais! Rais! (Mr President). He looked back in my direction and beckoned me to go to his car.
"I pushed my way through the multitude and reached the nucleus of his security detail. They tried to ward me off, but I kept calling out the President's name.

"It was at this point, when I was too close to the President that they let me talk to him. I told him how much I have struggled to get a job. His aides handed me a notebook and a pen to write my contacts.

"I quickly put my number down. I gave him the contacts which he read and realised I had not written my name. He asked me to do so. It was surprising he patiently waited for me to write my name as well,"said Mr Nyagaya.


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