Saturday, March 12, 2016

Nigeria Airforce Recruitment 2016 Exercise(A Case Study of 2014 Recruitment)

The Nigeria Airforce Recruitment exercise is one hell of alot physical activities, the most amazing thing about this year recruitment exercise is the impact of ''Change'' that apply to it. I have applied and also written Nigeria Airforce Exams twice before, but there is something unique about this year Recruitment exercise which is free online Registration unlike the past Recruitment where you pay 3k or More, to complete online Registration. The wind of ''Change'' is beginning to blow, may be this year is your year of Nigeria airforce Recruitment break through.

What to Expect During Nigeria Airforce Recruitment Exercise.
The recruitment exercise will be done in 13 State and 13 Center this year, however my experience participating in the exercise twice was in kaduna center. So, i will be highlighting my experience base on Kaduna center exercise procedure.

All Successful candidate will be notify with text and email messages concerning the date of the Recruitment exercise and what you need for the exercise.

However, on the first day of the Screening exercise all candidate will be brief on the exercise process and a date will be fix for each state in alphatical order for the Screening, although Screening begins from the first day.
  • Your height will be taken
  • Your blood pressure will be taken
  • Be ready to present your self nude for verification to confirm your skin is free from any suspicious design(tatoo). So, make sure you clean up your pubic hair and wear neat underwear.
  • Make sure you print your Acknowledgement Card and Attestation Card and fill them appropriately.
  • All your Original Credential will be verify.
Finally all candidate will be assemble on the parate ground to write exam after screening for all state is concluded.

Good Luck!!


  1. You need to work on your grammar and spelling.

  2. Please are we staying in a camp for the entire screening duration, or we resume at the venue daily till we write the exams?

  3. You resume at the venue daily for screening but if it happen that screening in your center is schedule state by state in alphabetical order, then you will have to come to the screening center when it is your state turn to be screen. Make sure you are at the sreening ground the first day to get the correct information

  4. Please I need past Questions, please help a brother


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