Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How to Prepare Dinner that can Help you Sleep like a baby at Night

I Noticed every time I prepare this dinner and eat at night, it makes me sleep like a baby and also boast my system when I am with my partner. It is simple and cheap to prepare reach in Nutrients.

May be you could try it and give me feedback if it work for you

What you need are:
  • White Oats

  • Egg

  • Fish
  • Spices: Salt, magi, and pepper

You Can try it yourself follow this process:
  • Add Salt, magi and pepper to the white Oats and Blend in a plate
  • Wash the fish and cut it to your desire size
  • Break the egg into a plate, add a little salt or magi and Blend it
  • Pick the cut fish rub it on the egg and rub on the Blend white Oats, do that to all the cut fish and fry.
After you are done frying, then you can serve yourself with a chill cup of water or fruit juice.

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