Monday, April 25, 2016

Nigeria Police Recruitment: IG Solomon Araze Gives Insight on Recruitment Process Assured Applicants on dueprocess.

The IG of Police Solomon Araze speaks during an interview on channels this morning Assured Nigerians that due process will be followed in the 2016 Nigeria police recruitment exercise.

Unlike the past recruitment exercise where recruitment is done base on political sentiment resulting to recruitment of unqualified and unpassionate people into the Nigeria police.

According to solomon Araze, all measure have been put in place to recruit qualify and passionate people into the force. He says the Nigeria police were able to introduce Technology into Recruitment and have acquire polygram machine for deployment into recruitment and also ensure to use drug testing kits to avoid bringing in those who are into drugs to the force.

However psychometric test will be done in making sure that only those who have passion for policing are recruited into the force, and all those who did not meet up with the stated recruitment criterias will be disqualify. 


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