Sunday, May 22, 2016

Five(5) Important things You Should Know About Blogging

There is Fun when you become used to blogging most especially when people visit and comment on your blog articles it motivate you to blog more. On the other hand most bloggers nightmare are bad traffic but they can overcome bad traffic the day it become very clear to them that writing good articles are key to blogging authority. Knowing what your audience want is very important.

1). It is very easy to build a blog but difficult to become a blogger.

2). Low blog traffic are blogger nightmare.

3). The theme or templete you use for your blog can kill or grow your blog traffic.

4). Rich Blog keywords, images and content serve as an attraction for search engine to discover and generate traffic to your blog.

5). You become addicted to your computer and mobile phone the day you start blogging, Searching and writing articles becomes your first priority and if care is not taking it can affect your social life.

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