Thursday, May 26, 2016

New Method Boko Haram Terrorist Now Use to Abduct People for Suicide Bomb purposes(Read More)

The New Method the Boko Haram Terrorist now use to abduct people for their suicide bombing purposes is to clame to be good by offering people lift at the bus stop or junctions

If they offer you lift and you accept with out knowing who exactly they are because you wanted to be at your destination on time, you might be in trouble. So, therefore be careful when offered lift either on bus or taxi by a stranger.

Khadija Ibrahim a mother of three from Borno State was adupted by boko haram at the bus stop, she said she was offered a lift and she accepted because she wanted to get to her destination on time and she was abducted by boko haram terrorists after which she was drugged and told that she would become a suicide bomber. However, she manage to escape the captivity of the men mostly by feigning unconsciousness, lucky for her.

Before you enter any transit comfirm your safety before entering. As the saying goes!! Shine your eye well well oh.

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