Sunday, May 29, 2016

Cure the Unemployment Ebola (The Cry of Job Seekers to Govt).

The umemployment situation in Nigeria has become critical and if not checked now may result to unhealthy situation or permit me to say ''unemployment Ebola''.
The carrying of placards in search for jobs in Nigeria this days signify the rate at which youth are getting tired for lark of no job and how badly they need meaningful ways of making a living. 

Nigerian graduates are creative, what they need is little assistance and vision to help them reach their goals. If only government can provide the condulsive environment, set up effective institution to empower the youth the sky will be their limit.

I was discussing with some graduate few days ago on how frustrated they have become due to countless job interviews with no good outcome and some of them have decided not to let any so called recruitment agencies take advantage of them ever again. 

Carrying placards in search for jobs are as a result of countless job interview without good outcome. Government can partner with the private sectors to create jobs through the internet, alot of jobs can be created through online advertisement, software development if the right people are engage to train the youth and make them entrepreneurs not by mouth but with actions, I am sure with private and public partnership Nigeria can build own local companies like facebook, google that will create thousand of jobs. That is my take. #curetheunemploymentebola

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