Sunday, June 19, 2016

Black Out in Kaduna As Business Owners Source for alternative Power supply.

Electricity supply in kaduna has become epileptic for the past three days as business owners and household  electricity users source for alternative power supply.

People now go about doing their daily activities without Electricity " that is the spirit of Nigerians" men must survive. The question is! Why has electricity become so bad  this few month? If you ask me na who i go ask, is it because of the bombing of pipeline by #NDavengers  that is leading to the shortage of gas supply to the power plants or should we blame it on the government? Hmmmmm!

Business are now closing down because of shortage power supply at a time when  entreprenuership is been encourage.  Which way forward.

People now move around with their gadgets in search for where to charge them, I went to a friend shop to charge my system yesterday only to find out that he has close down his shop.

We all know that for any economic to grow, there must be constant power supply for business to derive.

What is the power situation at your location like? Share your thought.

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