Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Poultry Tips: How to Feed your Layers to Achieve maximun eggs production for Resources Optimization.

Are you a poultry farmer or aspiring to become one? then this tips is for you. How to feed your layers with quality feed products following the pullet rations procedure below to achieve maximun egg production.

Pullet Rations
  • Chick mash
  • Grower mash
  • Pre-layer mash
  • Layer mash
  • Layer (phase 2) mash

Chick mash:
During the first 6 weeks of the life of the chick, a well balanced, hih density diet is of particular importance. In some instances the chick's product is fed for more than 6 weeks, especially if body weights are below standard for their age.

Grower mash:
The nutritional requirements during the growing phase are vastly different from those during the starting period, with the primary difference involvin the amount of protein in the growing diet. This is a critical period in the development of an egg-type pullet, for how well she is grown will have an important bearing on her productivity during the laying period. Grower mash is recommended from 7 to 13 weeks.

Pre-layer mash:
Pre-layer product is commonly used between 14 to 16 weeks. The purpose of pre-layer feed is to increase the calcium levels in the diet above the level fed in the grower period to provide calcium reserve for the initiation of eggshell formation. It is also used to stimulate the nutient intake of protein and energy for pullets that are lower in body weight than standing body weights for the strain and season. Pre-layer mash prepares hens to move smothly from growing to laying phase.

Layer mash:
Feeding the laying bird is only a continuation of feedin te growing pullet by supplying the necessary ingredients in the correct proportions so that bird can produce an abundant number of eggs. Layer mash product is a well balanced ration in digestible protein, energy, vitamins and minerals as well as essential amino- acids. Layer mash is recommended from 17 to 33 weeks.

Layer phase 2 mash:
As the hen ages, the thickness of the egg shell usually declines. Moreover, the mobilization of calcium decreases to less than 50% after 40 weeks of age. Layer (phase 2) is perfectly adequate for hens in full production starting from 34 weeks untill the end of lay. Layer (phase 2) is a continuity of layer mash and mainly designed for farmers who are looking to optimize their resources. 

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