Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Some Likely Ask Customer Service Job Interview Question.

This are some likely ask customer service job interview question. Simply review the question and try to answer them according to your understanding. Drop a comment let answer it together like a class discussion.

The questions are as follow:
1) Tell us about yourself
2) what should be your responsibilities as a customer service officer relating to our company operations?
3) As a new customer service officer, how can you convince a client that was dissatisfied with the old method of customer service with your new method to eventually turn him into a loyal customer?
4) If given an opportunity to serve in this organization, how will you maintain a healthy relationship with the internal staff?
5) Tell us what is special about you that make you more qualify than other applicants?
6) If an aggrieved customer slaps you in the line of duty, what will be your reaction?
7) How much will you want us to pay you if employed into this company?
8) Are you presently employed? If yes, tell us why you want to live your present company?
9) Define a customer in one word?
10) where do you see yourself in the next 5years working in this organization.

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