Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What The N-power Programme Officials should Consider Before Final Sellection

I decided to drop this write up because I feel the worries and pain of those who are trying to apply for the N-Power Programme of Federal government with no success since the registration portal was open

There is daunt that in as much as many applications were submitted, so also many error occurs during application due to heavy traffic on the portal and poor page upload and navigation around the portal.

Lots of applicant complaining about their application submitting automatically without completion of application and they received congratulatory message on their email. Some also complain about some box like NYSC upload box not showing on the online form during registration and some say the NYSC box appear on there own form. That is worrying!

Since this is an empowerment programme set up to empowered Nigeria unemployed Citizen, I suggest that the federal government and the N-Power programme officials should put inconsideration the difficulties applicants went through during application and the error that will surely occur during registration by applicants due to massive traffic on the portal that lead to poor page load, and put in place the appropriate machinery to check mate anything that will lower any applicant opportunity from being selected due to any error made during registration. Let there be equal opportunity!

There is no daunt that thing will eventually get better as more people complete their applications, the portal will begin to load fast. So, therefore don’t give up keep trying.

Some Important links to help you navigate fast around the registration portal

Good Luck

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