Saturday, June 4, 2016

What Not To Do If Not Invited For The Nigeria Police Screening Exercise

Alot of applicants who applied for the Nigeria Police Recruitment and did not receive invitation for the screening exercise are in a confusing state right now, most especially those applicants who are not familiar with recruitment process.

Police Recruitment exercise is just like other Recruitment exercise done before. Many will be called but few are choosen (note that) every applicant has the same opportunity to be choosen. However, three things are always involve in public recruitment exercise.

1). Good Luck
2). Influence
3). Meeting the job requirement perfectly

Sometimes it is sadden to see others been invited and you are not invited. Nevertheless, all hopes are not lost because there are better opportunities coming your way.

What Not To Do If Not Invited
1). Do not panic
2). Do not loss hope
3). Do not source for solution from un-recognize source because you might get scam.
4). Dont waste your time going for the screening exercise if you are not invited.
5). Do not hold grogies against the nigeria police force for not inviting you for the screening excercise "they are your friend".

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