Wednesday, August 3, 2016

800 Repented Boko Haram Insurgents Receive Food Item From NEMA For Reliabilitation.

The National Emergency Management Agency(NEMA) present food and non food items to the military for operation state corridor programme meant to deradicalize, reliabilitate and reinterrate eight hundred repented Boko Haram Insurgents to fast track peace process in the North east.

Presenting the items in Gombe, the Director General of NEMA, Muhammed sani sidi said "the Initiative, which is in line with international best pratice allowed those engaged in the fight to voluntarily surrender and embrace peace so that they can undergo rehabilitation.

Items to be released for this purpose every three months include; 410 bags of rice, 400 bags of beans, 200 bags of millet, 200 bags of sorghum, 750 cartons of spaghetti, 50 cartons of Maggi cubes and 810 cartons tomato paste. Others are 101 Vegetable oil in 20 liter kegs, 101 palm oil in 20 liter kegs, 50 bags of salt, 100 bags of sugar, 420 cartons of milk and 420 cartons of milo chocolate.

The non food items include; 800 pieces of mattress, 500 hundred pieces of blanket, 500 pieces of nylon mats, 1000 plastic buckets, 1000 plastic spoons, 1000 plastic cups 1000, plastics plates, 1000 plastic pairs of slippers, 2000 men wear, 63 cartons of bath soap and 1000 bath towels.
Source: NEMA

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