Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Can Nairaland Forum Help you Find a Job? (Find Out Here).

The emergence of job vacancies search portal and social media as platform where job seekers can source for information has come a long way. Nairaland forum is by far one of the best way job seekers can connect with potential employers in Nigeria.

Nairaland forum is an online platform for general discussion and rank number 8 on alexa website ranking in Nigeria in terms of their accessibility and visits and the largest forum in Nigeria and 3rd worldwide. Every one source for information on Nairaland including employers of labour, so it's a great platform to show employers who you are, your resume provides the basics but a visual representation help you to stand out from the other job seekers. I know what you are thinking now Isn't Nairaland a forum not a Recruitment portal? To answer your question, yes and no. Lots of people use Nairaland to discuss other things like Politics, Education, Entertainment, Romans and others.

But more people are starting to use Nairaland to showcase their skills, as a job seeker this is the perfect platform to convey your personal brand. You can create a profile to showcasing you, if other job seekers can carry a job placard on major high ways to ask for job, what is stopping you promoting your skills on Nairaland to get a job.

You can even advertise yourself through a paid advert if the need arise. A lot of job seekers on the platform has testify getting employed through Nairaland, this is not a new story you can too.

Your board are your place to shine. If you are a programmer or web designer use your boards to teach others basics of webdesign, if you are a blogger display on your board your writing skills, if you are a graphic designer or animator showcase your work through your boards and if you are there to search for job, search and apply.


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