Wednesday, August 10, 2016

National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Code Of Conduct

The National youth service orientation programme is one of the cardinal obectives of the service and it is designed to mentally and physically prepare Youth corpers adequately for maximal performance during the service year and beyond, this opportunity comes once in a lifetime therefore corps members are surposed to participate actively in all the drills, lectures, Man O'War, sports and other interesting activities that will go on in the camp.

Those who distinguish themselves during the orientation and end of service year are always rewarded. The camp officials monitor corps members closely in camp base on their behavior for the purpose of assessment. Therefore corps members are expected to exibit a high sence of discipline so that they will not be found wanting.

The welfare of youth corpers is paramount to the government and state cordinators therefore they shall ensure that they provide the basic facilities that will make corps members stay fruitful and exciting.

The service only recorgnize only three dinstict Religious groups namely:
  • The Nigeria Christian Corpers Association(NCCF)
  • National Association of Catholic Corpers(NACC)
  • The Muslem Corpers Association of Nigeria(MCAN)

NYSC Code of Conduct
Every Corps member are surpose to observe the following Code of conduct during the period of the orientation course:
  • Attend regularly, punctually and participate fully in all official engagements.
  • Not leave the orientation camp or be absent from any official activity without the written consent of the state co-ordinator or his representative.
  • Not take part in organizing night parties in camps without the written permission of the state Coordinator
  • Not incite other members to cause disaffection in the camp or peddle rumours
  • Not organize or partake in any cult activities while on camp
  • Not be in a passession of firearms ammunition.
  • Not be involved in illegal drug peddling or use
  • Not organize group meeting
  • Not riot or take part in mob action
  • Not be rude to camp officials
  • Not smoke or chew anything while on parade
  • Not gamble
  • Not take double rations
  • Not be drunk
  • Not steal
  • Not rape
  • Not fight
  • Be prudent in spending
  • Always observe light out instruction.

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