Friday, August 5, 2016

Prices of Tomatoes Craches As Farmers Cry out For Patronage in Kaduna

Months after the prices of tomatoes in Nigeria left average Nigerians in shock due to a disease called tomato ebola, a ravaging Insect pest known as Tuba Absoluta which destroy most of the harvest causing prices of tomatoes to shoot high.

As of that time, tomato sellers resorted to purchasing of tomatoes from neighbouring countries and supply at higher rate.

Farmers has began to produce tomato in large quantity again as price of tomato have reduce tremendously, tomatoes farmers are now crying out for patronage of the product.

A farmer in kaduna says that the tomato ebola disease is now gone and they are planting tomato on large quanty as seen on the photos showing stocks of tomatoes in a market in kaduna.

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