Saturday, August 20, 2016

Some Answers To Job Interview Questions.

Each employer, consultant of labour have his or her own partern of interview question, but most at times employer might twist those questions according to their satisfaction. It is the responsibility of job seekers to prepare their selves ready for any question that might eventually come up, employers focus mainly on skills and how well you know about the company product and services incuding your ability to solve problem when needed to provide solutions.

The worse mistake you make as job seekers is to go for interview cramming answers to interview question you read online hoping for such question to be asked, dont do that read to understand and add your own analysis to answering questions, do more research about the company mission, vision and services they offer so that you can have a clear vision of what your employer look like.

Some Answers To Job Interview Questions
Qns 1. What make you special from the other candidate that you think we should hire you?
ANSWER: Because of my ability to solve problem, organize, coordinat and my ability to ensure that I complete whatever goal asign to me on time.

Qns 2. How long would you expect to work for us if hired?
ANSWER: As long as I feel challenge professionally

Qns 3. What is your strength?
ANSWER: I am a great team player and have ability to learn fast.

Qns 4. What is your Weakness?
ANSWER: getting things done one after the other.

Qns 5. How much will you want us to pay you as salary?
ANSWER: I will accept salary pay for the position level I apply for.

Qns 6. What are your expectation from this job
ANSWER: Becoming a distinguish and proficient Professional that add value to organizational goals and enhance productivity at work towards advancement and good future.


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