Sunday, September 25, 2016

Common Mistakes in English We make in Nigerian

The English language is a very complex but simple language to comprehend. More often than not, we observe people making mistakes in constructing tense, in spelling, in pronunciation and using words out of context as well as the inability of some people using words appropriately to have meaning and purpose. Also generally, in speaking the language(English). These mistakes are common on the usage of English language which we must watch out for, take heed and make the necessary amendments in order to fine tune and polish our grammar in the course of our expression thereafter.

For instance, there are some words like information and equipment which do not have "S" in their plural forms. "Send forth" is used often instead of "send off", "more grease to your elbow", instead of "more power to your elbow". I am also guilty of this common mistakes in English.

Below are some common mistakes and their corrections:

  1. Return back
  2. Some few
  3. Talkless more
  4. My names are
  5. Low current
  6. Extreme and
  7. Where are you going to?
  8. What says your time?
  9. Torch light
  10. Travelling bag
  11. Bag and baggages
  12. Exercise patience
  13. Lay emphasis
  14. Lay example
  15. But still yet
  16. In case of incasity
  17. Night vigil
  18. Wake keeping
  19. Second to the last
  20. Tight friend
  21. More better

  1. Return/Bring back/Come back
  2. Some/ A few
  3. Let alone
  4. My name is
  5. Low voltage
  6. Extreme/End
  7. Where are you going?/where are you off to?
  8. What time is it? /what is it by your time?
  9. Torch/Flash light
  10. Travel bag
  11. Bags/Luggage
  12. Be patient
  13. Emphasize/Emphasize on
  14. Live by example/Set example
  15. But/Still/Yet
  16. In case of necessity
  17. All night/Vigil
  18. Wake keep
  19. One but the last
  20. Close friend/Bosom friend
  21. Better/Mch better

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