Thursday, September 15, 2016

Format Of A First Family Meeting Agenda

Starting a family meeting will be an important and the top yielding investments you will ever make, its teaches family members how to love, develop strong spirit of belonging and how to find solution to difficult issues within the family which in return strengthening the family bond.

Every Family member should learn how to write meeting agenda and also minute of meetings because you might be given a change to lead, record the meeting which is important. Its gives you sense of family belonging and help you feel validated.

Format of a first family meeting Agenda
Title of the meeting for example: First Meeting of James Family Meeting Held on 30/12/2015 Agenda
  • Opening prayer
  • Remark by convener
  • Reading of the family constitution
  • Matter Arising from the constitution
    a. Finance
    b. Mode of banking
    c. Meeting schedule
    d. Venue
    e. Leadership:- Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer/Financial Secretary, Others
    Mode of representation
  • Inauguration of the family next meeting
  • Ongoing Family project
  • Any other business(A.O.B)

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