Thursday, September 1, 2016

How To Blog Without Copying and Pasting

A lot of bloggers this day cant cope without the copy and paste style of blogging, they believe that you must copy in other to be a successful blogger or you will be left at the back. "That is not true" as a blogger you should have some bloggers you look up to as your mentor, learn from their blogging style or method and try to develop a strong present on social media like Facebook, twitter, google plus and instagram where you can source for vital Information from top bloggers like and top Nigerian blogs like and other social media users.

However,I am not saying that when you see any information worth publishing from the top blogs you just publish, No that is against the rule of professional blogging.

You have to make a research about the authenticity of the story, take a few information add it to the topic you are writing then modify it in your own words.

Blogging is not for lazy people and is not all about creating topics as a new blogger your focus should be on traffic and not posting topics, you might copy and paste 20 topics daily on your blog, but someone that created and post one original topic daily have 100% assurance that google will crawl his post and make it public on search engine resulting to more traffic on his blogs.

Don't just be any blogger, be an outstanding blogger that teaches with blogging and understand that to succeed in blogging you must have passion in blogging and not the love for reward.

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