Thursday, September 15, 2016

How to get Quickteller paypoint Agent Application Approve Quickly

Quickteller is calling on interested Nigerians to become Quickteller paypoint agents and make some cool money, this is another effort made by quickteller to empower Nigerians.

Quickteller gives you convenient access to an array of services including recharge, bill payment, donations and state government payment from DSTV bill, to HiTV bills, to PHCN bills and recharge that actually tops up your line this is what Quickteller brings to you

Quickteller is also available at bank ATM, selected merchant locations and via your banks internet banking portals. With Quickteller you can also receive payments for your goods and services. Application is open for Nigerians who are interested in becoming their agents.

How to apply
Interested potential individuals and business who are willing to become Quickteller paypoint agent and start earning some real money should follow the steps below to get their application quickly approve

  • go to quickteller website
  • and Click on Register then fill the form to register
  • in other to complete Registration on quickteller website, you must provide the email of who introduce you to Quickteller
  • Use this as who introduce you to Quickteller
  • then submit
  • Go to quickteller website: to Register Now
  • Use your Qickteller account to make few transactions
  • then Finally apply to become quickteller paypoint agent.
This tricks will get your Quickteller paypoint application approve Quickly.

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  1. I want to apply but i have a question.
    Hpw much commssion (%) is accrued to an agent?


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