Tuesday, September 6, 2016

How To Stop Receiving Unsolicited Text Message

Code number used to stop receiving unsolicited text from network operators like MTN, Glo, airtel and others released.

It is sometime annoying when you receive too much unsolicited text or calls in the morning or during the day by network operators on what you did not really subscribe for. Text Such as the Education, Consumer good and automobiles, communication/Broadcasting, Entertainment/IT, Sport, Religion Tourism and leisure, Health, Real estate and insurance, Financial product text messages send by Telecommunication provider requesting you to subscribe for things you have no idea for.

The Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) has Released a short code used to stop receiving those unsolicited text message. The procedure is simple follow the steps below:
Simply SMS "STOP" to 2442 that will stop you from receiving any unsolicited text message from the operators.

However, if you like some of the text you receive from the operators or you want to singly subscribe, then you have to use the options below to subscribe for the ones you like:
  • SMS 1 for receiving Sms relating to Banking, Insurance and financial product to 2442
  • SMS 2 for receiving Sms relating to Real estate to 2442
  • SMS 3 for receiving Sms relating to Education to 2442
  • SMS 4 for receiving Sms relating to Health to 2442
  • SMS 5 for receiving Sms relating to Consumer good and Automobiles to 2442
  • SMS 6 for receiving Sms relating to Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT to 2442
  • SMS 7 for receiving Sms relating to Transport and Leisure to 2442
  • SMS 8 for receiving Sms relating to Sports to 2442
  • SMS 9 for receiving Sms relating to Religion to 2442
Person to person text message is not affected by this new development

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